Captured Reflectionz

Captured Reflectionz
In the spring, I found myself at a brook and couldn't resist capturing the reflection of spring's beginning.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well, Here it finally is, or at least part of it. Lol Our trip to Epcot Center. This is mostly picutres of " The Land" and some of the various landscaping they had around. "The Land" was a lot of interesting shows, some things that they are working on for the future, like ways to grow foods, and a lot of experimental science type of stuff along with a lot of outter space stuff that you get to look at. Hope you enjoy!

Here is when we were flying into Epcot,
on the monorail. It was
pretty cool :D

The famous Epcot golf ball :)

They had so many awesome shrubs
that they've cut into Disney
characters. This is Scar
from the lion King.

Baby Simba had a crow on his head!
Isn't he so cute though??

Oh here we go again. Another fountain. Is it just me, or do little
boys just have this facination with water?? lol THis is a jumping
fountain which I consider pretty awesome myself! lol
He's trying to catch the water as it jumps over his head.

Ah Ha!! He figured out a way to catch it.
Lol, leave it to Andrew

Close up of it splashing off of his hands
His shirt got a little wet again! Lol

Here's sweet Snow White and her precious
Prince. ;)
Aladdin and his magic carpet!

Here's Andrew in 3D glasses for a show


"Honey I Shrunk the Aduience"

More awesome shrubs.

Beauty and the Beast

I just loved these girls, They're so cute!!

At the end of the day, the sunset and glowing
lights gave a beautiful glow to this

magnificent ball =)

The next blog will be on "The World" at Epcot, with all the countries, or at least many of them:) I'll try to get it up soon! :D

Monday, March 8, 2010

Here is our trip through South Carolina, and a few things from our first night in florida! :D

Here is a fountain with
palm trees in the background
this was Andrew's first time seeing real
live palm trees in the wild
Now I will explain something to you... so listen up. An 11 year old boy
cooped up in a car all day, a lunch break somewhere warm
with a fountain.... this could only mean trouble :P
take a look I can just see the thoughts
rolling!!! lol
oh lookie a fountain... I wonder if anyone
would notice.. should I ?? or should I not

I most deffinetly should. I wonder if anyone will catch me.
Can I reach it???

Almost just a little farther, can't fall in!!!!

Ha Ha! Got it!! And nobody was the wiser, unless
they see this big wet spot on my shirt! lol

This bird was just waiting for us to get done with

our picnic lunch so he could check
for scraps ;)

These set of pictures are from the Arabian Nights show in Kissime Florida. I love horses and this was a big highlight in my trip! :)

The beautiful princess is saved

and meets her handsome prince
Sigh... :) lol

The beautiful Native American Indian


Snap shot moment :)

Aren't they so sweet.

a girl petting a horse after the show

Here's andrew dipping his feet in the warm pool after dark ;)

He was a little wary of alligators in the pool lol
There you are. :) I have a ton more pictures to go through
align="center">and publish, just give me a little time :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our Trip Day 1

Today we started our journey south :) All day on the road, it was a beautiful day for it and we enjoyed ourselves till' about 30 minutes short of our destination. Then we were so anxious to get there we were about to go crazy. lol But we made it
Here is a reflection of me taking pictures :)
It was an overlook and absolutly gorgeous

Here Andrew was trying deperately
to see my laptop screen so he could play a game
to keep himslef occupied
My feet! Yes, I was bored ;)

This is in West Virginia, the snow going up the
sides of the mountains was pretty cool

Washboard mountain!! lol

Here's Andrew and I at the overlook
In West Virginia
Some white water in the river we were looking
at. :)

Andrew looking over the
"overlook " lol

Here's part of the river in the canyon :)

More of the canyon

Yay! Virginia, almost there

Ahhh.. Finally there. :) I will get more pictures
and post them here later
Off for more fun, after long night's sleep!! :)