Captured Reflectionz

Captured Reflectionz
In the spring, I found myself at a brook and couldn't resist capturing the reflection of spring's beginning.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pet Portraits

Pet portraits =) I've taken these of various pets over the years... I LOVE animals =D

Dear old Rocko sitting in the spring sunshine
Doesn't he look so innocent??? lol Don't be fooled

When's dinner???

And my beloved cat, Socks =)
Have a wonderful weekend

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Night on the Town

These pictures were taken in Pittsburgh, PA. This was my first time attempting night photos, and I quickly realize that night photos are very difficult without a tripod. So some of these turned out beautifully, and some are just plain silly looking =) But I had fun taking them and I will share them with you This picture and the next are taken from behind the Carnegie Science Center over the Allegheny River.

Ok time for some of the fun ones :P

This is why you need a tripod, lol. the slightest wiggle causes the lights to become cool smears across your page! :P

And here is my ghost ship arising from the mists!!! :-O

Here's another nice one =) I hope you enjoyed viewing these as much as i enjoyed taking them.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bendigo, the amazing Cat!

=) Now here is one amazing cat. His name is Bendigo, and he loves to do homework =) Just watch and see!!!

Here he is, getting ready to get started =) He's getting the school book out of the bag :P

Now he's desperately searching for a pencil... " Where could I have put it down???"

Hmmm... he's thinking about that one. Must be a hard problem!!!

There he's all done, but his brain is a little fried from all that thinking! What a good little kitty! =) Now don't you wish you were so lucky! LOL

Friday, January 15, 2010


Here in the snowy, cloudy north, we were blessed with a whole entire day of beautiful sunshine! It felt and sounded like spring, icicles melting, sun shining, and birds singing their hearts out ( including my bird). Mom had bought some tulips for herself ( which in made her room look like a perfect picture of spring), and I decided to take some pictures of them and of course my bird just somehow ended up in these things! Lol guess birds and flowers just go together =P Hope you enjoy, any comments or suggestions to improve would be greatly appreciated =)
lol, he was trying to hide in this last one :P

Monday, January 11, 2010

Punk Kitty Caught Red Handed, or maybe that should be Purple Eared

My wonderful cat, Socks,such a good cat, always obedient.... ok..ok, so I'm exaggerating. But coming home one day to a cat with a purple streak in his hair was a little shocking. :P We were wondering how it cam about when we seen the purple foot prints on the kitchen floor! After following these prints to the garbage where a paperplate with purple paint ( my mom's handiwork) we found out. He had been caught Purple eared and pawed! Lol Enjoy

Friday, January 8, 2010

Country living and internet

Now, for those of you who don't much about me, I lived in the middle of nowhere for 17 years. I loved my country-bumpkin existence, but a few things were such a pain.... Let me explain to you the joys of Dial up internet service. Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's two :P ( that means two thousand words about how slow dial up can be!!)

Lol, so now I live in the city and have fast internet! No more falling asleep at the computer episodes! I can get things done in a whole lot less time

hee hee... Dad, I hope you don't mind that I posted these ;)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just some pics

Well, college started back up today. I have sort of mixed emotions. I'm not stuck in the house any more, yet it's back to being busy busy busy. I do have a very nice schedule this semester though. To start off my semester right lets see what pictures I can dig up and show you all. =)

Oh look, it's me waiting for the bus during my senior year. What crazy weather! lol

And here is my adorable, sweet, yet absolutely crazy and silly little Buddy =)

oh look, it's me and my little buddy. He'd been eating pizza =P LOL

I'll post more later on today. =) Hope you enjoy and have a beautiful morning!

ok. ok... one more :P I have to tell you, I'm often taking crazy self portraits, and this one was for St. Patrick's Day!!

Wednesday! =)

Since it's wednesday, and snowy and blowy, i thought it'd be quite fitting if we had some pictures of my church, and it's magnificent icecicles that have amazed me since i was a toddler =) Hope you enjoy!

A trip with my parakeet

Meet my beautiful parakeet, Silas

He and I were sick of all the snow and being stuck inside. So, we went on a trip today =)

We went:

To his homeland jungle to see all his friends and family

To a place where the fragrance of apple blossoms permeate the air!

And last but not least to McDonalds!!!! ( He was loving it!) He really likes my friend, Elissa ( below) that works at McDonald's as well as the fries they serve! :D

Lol, now we're not suffering from cabin fever as much =P Have a wonderful day everybody!!! =)

p.s. the reason there's no pics of me on here, is that Silas has a hard time holding the camera AND pushing the button to snap the picture ;)

Monday, January 4, 2010

More Winter Wonderland Pictures

Dreaming of Indian Summer

Our little town has finally been hit with the Lake effect snow that we all wanted at Christmas time. After being shut in all weekend because it was snowing like crazy, I think we're all wishing for little Indian summer. lol