Captured Reflectionz

Captured Reflectionz
In the spring, I found myself at a brook and couldn't resist capturing the reflection of spring's beginning.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Punk Kitty Caught Red Handed, or maybe that should be Purple Eared

My wonderful cat, Socks,such a good cat, always obedient.... ok..ok, so I'm exaggerating. But coming home one day to a cat with a purple streak in his hair was a little shocking. :P We were wondering how it cam about when we seen the purple foot prints on the kitchen floor! After following these prints to the garbage where a paperplate with purple paint ( my mom's handiwork) we found out. He had been caught Purple eared and pawed! Lol Enjoy

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  1. Aww....poor Socks! He probably had to go around being called a little PUNK for weeks!
    Actually, your photo looks like his hair is colored from the room's lighting somehow-I wouldn't have guessed it was paint!