Captured Reflectionz

Captured Reflectionz
In the spring, I found myself at a brook and couldn't resist capturing the reflection of spring's beginning.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!

On Mom's birthday we went out to Presque Isle, the peninsula on Lake Erie. Of course not all these shots were mine, most were, but obviously the one's with me in them I didn't take, some mom took on her own and a few I asked her to take :D We had a lot of fun goofing off. There was a storm coming in so it was quite windy, but it made for some awesome shots!
Happy Birthday Momma!
Here's the beautiful lake, and the sun shining off of it.

As we were walking down the beach we came upon a big hole dug
in the sand, it made a nice little shelter from the wind!

House boat! I'd love to rent one of these,
Imagine... fishing from your front porch!!!

Here's Andrew and I... No matter what it looks like, He was
trying to tackle me!! lol we were having a blast

Just some tall grass and a broken fence. :)

Andrew doing his Tia Kwon Do moves
on the beach! He looks like he's flying to me!


Someone stood this big piece of drift wood in the sand
it was huge!

The light house

This was after many shots with bunny ears! Boys.. sigh

this was at the little gazebo thing by the light house
through the roof. :)

It was a gorgeous day with a gorgeous mother. Mommy,
I love you so much! Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day, I couldn't have
asked for a better Mom than you! You're the best!!!
With all my love!


  1. More beautiful pictures!!! You are way more talented than I am, but I enjoy photography very much myself. Isn't it fun?

  2. It was such a lovely day to celebrate with my 2 favorite people in the world!!!!

    Love ya,