Captured Reflectionz

Captured Reflectionz
In the spring, I found myself at a brook and couldn't resist capturing the reflection of spring's beginning.

Monday, February 15, 2010


It's taken me awhile to get these pictures up here of the big snow storm we had, but they're finally up. =) Enjoy
there's so much of that white stuff
This bench and garbage can just looked pretty cool.
I couldn't resist takin' a shot at it =)
Ahh! Watch out! Run for cover!
We're under Attack!
This is my favorite. The old victorian houses used for offices
at my college just look so gorgeous under
that thick blanket of snow! =)
God bless!


  1. The bench also gives a pretty good gauge of just how deep the snow is. Think Happy would be happy with that much snow on a daily basis for a couple of months? LOL